Experience amazement. 

Our Fireknife dancer will perform a thrilling routine in two back-to-back sets: one using a single knife and the second set using two knives while our drummer enlivens the pace with the heart-pumping sounds of the Samoan can-style drum. With Ring Of Fire, you can always expect a professional show by friendly dancers with terrific energy and plenty of Aloha.

Our Fireknife dancers are ready to thrill and excite with great skill, speed and athleticism in this highly-favored performance that is deeply rooted in Samoan warrior tradition, called the "ailao". With sharpened knives aflame, capped off by a hook known as the "nifo oti", our warriors at Ring Of Fire enjoy sharing their talent with passion and love for the dance to audiences from all over the world. 

Hire a Fireknife Dancer

Contact us today to book professional Fireknife entertainment for your upcoming event! bookrof@gmail.com 

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All-Fireknife show packages with live drumming

Solo Fireknife Dancer  + 1 Drummer
Duo Fireknife Dancers + 1 Drummer 
Trio Fireknife Dancers + 1 Drummer

Add drummers or dancers to customize your show!