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Ring Of Fire Island Productions

Ring of Fire Island Productions 

​PO Box 41 La'ie, HI 96762
Phone: (808) 304-2096

terms and conditions for all bookings 

When you hire Ring Of Fire, the following terms and conditions apply and are effective as of

the date of your deposit. 


We use a simplified booking process to make scheduling even easier!

Payment can be made by cash, check, or credit card. Credit Card is required for late bookings.
1. HI tax at 4.712% will be added to cost.
2. We require payment at booking. Client may request to deposit 50% of total if booking is greater than 30 days from event date.
3. Payment in FULL is required no less than 30 days prior to event.
4. Credit Card payments are accepted online via Square and an invoice can be sent to your Email if this is your preferred method of payment, or if a check cannot be delivered before the deadline of 30 days prior to your event. There is a 2.9% processing fee added to cost when paying by credit card.
5. Date is not reserved until we have received the deposit (or payment-in-full) and signed contract.
6. Please make all checks payable to Ring of Fire and send to:

Ring Of Fire Island Productions
ATTN: Jay Mataele
PO Box 41
Laie, HI 96762

Cancellation Policy

We understand that sometimes things don’t always go as planned. Here you will find information that you may need in the unfortunate event of a cancellation after booking is confirmed and payment has been made. Section 1. Cancellation by Client: The Client has the right to cancel our performance upon written notice to the Performer, without obligation, greater than 60 days prior to event date. Cancellations made within 30-60 days of event date are subject to a partial refund of half the total amount, while cancellations made less than 30 days of event date will waive the right to a refund. Section 2. Cancellation by Performer: Should the Performer deem necessary to cancel the Performance under the terms of Sections 2 – 4, the Performer will promptly return any and all funds already paid by the Client within 14 business days. Under extremely rare, unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances (Sections 3 and 4), the Performer reserves the right to cancel the performance without obligation, upon written notice to the Client prior to the date of the event and refer a suitable replacement if applicable. Section 3. Force Majeure (natural events beyond our control): Neither the Performer nor the Client will be held liable for any failure to perform its obligations where such breach is due to any of the following: acts or regulations of public authorities, inclement weather, epidemic, interruption or delays by the Department of Transportation and emergency officials, acts of God, or any other legitimate cause beyond the reasonable control of the Performer and the Client. Section 4. Sickness and Accidents: The Performer agrees to meet its obligations, subject to legitimate incapacity by sickness or major accident. In such case, the Performer agrees to make every honest effort to refer a suitable replacement. Section 5. Terms Not Met by Client: Should the event details and terms not be met by Client, Performer reserves the right to cancel the performance without a refund. 


Professional sound is a basic requirement for a successful show. If there will be no DJ setup at the venue with equipment to plug into, Ring of Fire will include our Professional Sound System (including setup, breakdown, technician) to be setup in a covered area. If a sound system will already be installed at event, please let your DJ or sound technician know we will need access to the following:                       

     1. 1 microphone on stand per musician
     2. 1 microphone on stand per drummer
     3. 1 mixer / soundboard with input for each musician’s instrument
     4. 1-2 speakers, according to event size


Sufficient lighting during the performance is another basic requirement. The quality of the performance we provide you is of great importance to us. We recommend Accel Rentals ( if you are still shopping around. If determined there will not be enough lighting for the stage, we will add the use of our own lighting equipment to the invoice.


  1. All performances require a Green Room for our performers. This should be a private space, well-lit, clean and dry to be designated solely as our dressing room from the time of the performers' arrival until the last cast member leaves the premises. Green Room must include a table and full-length or large mirror and can accommodate all performers in a safe and ventilated environment. Ring Of Fire will provide our own tent with necessities, all-inclusive if Client cannot provide. Setup is to be within close proximity to stage and on the same floor level as stage area. Public restrooms are inappropriate for this requirement.
  2. A cold-water dispenser, cart or cooler with bottled water for self-serve is required to be provided by Client (if you have a caterer, please kindly inform them to supply a water station backstage.)
  3. Client/Coordinator is responsible for hazard-free walkways (eliminating any liquid spills and sharp/unstable grounds with consideration that dancers will not have footwear during the show.)
  4. A rain plan must be in place to protect equipment and costumes for providing necessary shelter during performance, as well as between the Green Room and performance area. 


Performer will coordinate to schedule our cast members for all filming and modeling shoots. Performer will ensure timely arrival and provide our own costumes and supplies. Client will allow reasonable rest breaks, snacks and water. Performer may also require additional breaks as needed for replenishing our supplies or changing costumes for continued quality. If costume changes are necessary, a Green Room will need to be provided. 


  1. Complimentary parking for all Ring of Fire cast.  Validated parking must be Zero charge.
  2. Authorization for loading zones.
  3. Special events in public lots with “Lot Full” notices or similar must allow our team free valet parking. 

Performance time and overtime

Our performances begin and end at the agreed-upon time on record. If there is a delay at no fault of the Performer, Client agrees to make all changes necessary in the order of itinerary events in order to keep Performer’s start time the same as previously agreed upon. After said changes, if the Performer still cannot begin at the previously agreed-upon time due to no fault of the Performer, the Performance may not be guaranteed (see Cancellation Policy, Section 5). Alternatively, the Client will be charged an overtime fee beginning at $600 per each half hour overtime and $1,200 for every hour overtime (or $100 per fireknife dancer for every 20 minutes late-start when “Ke Ahi” is the package purchased and Fireknife is hired as the main performance). Client will inform Performer of any foreseen change in start time no less than 48 hours prior to event date to avoid cancellation or overtime charges. 

Military Bases

We enjoy and are honored for every opportunity to perform for members of our military. Please let us know in advance all requirements necessary for base entry. Ring Of Fire reserves the right to substitute any of our performers at an event for which another performer’s name has been previously submitted. This may result in the need for Client or a sponsor assigned by Client to meet our team at the gate. 

Disruptive and lewd Behavior

Let’s have good, clean fun together and share Aloha! Ring Of Fire is honored to help celebrate your special event, sharing the warm Aloha Spirit with you and your guests. While we’re having fun together, we reserve the right to promptly discontinue services if clientele, audience members or otherwise are disrespectful to our performers or staff, harass, or pose a threat to the physical well-being of our performers or staff, and/or interfere with the production. Under these circumstances or similar, our Cancellation Policy, Section 5 will apply and Client will waive the right to a refund. 

Fair Dealing

This is our Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing: The Client and the Performer each agree to uphold their obligations in all respects, in good faith and truthfulness. We aim to exceed your expectations. We wish to provide quality service and great professionalism in every aspect of our business. At Ring of Fire, we are committed to excellence. If there is anything you wish to discuss regarding our services, we warmly welcome your questions, comments and feedback! Please contact us by E-mail at or by phone at (808) 304-2096.  

The Art of Carlos Mozo

We know how important your privacy is to you and we take it seriously. When you request a quote, we will collect your name, E-mail address, phone number, and event information. We may also collect financial information when you are ready to book our performers for your event. For online payments, we use Square with SSL security. Ring Of Fire will never send spam E-mails or share your information with any third party.

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